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The division 2 map

There's a lot to cover in this comprehensive Division 2 guide, but it's more than required if you want to stand a chance at reaching the endgame.

We've got everything here from mods, dyes, and printer filament to exotic weapons, general tips, and the best skills to use in The Division 2. This Division 2 guide has it all, so what are you waiting for? Because it's such a big game we're doing a Division 2 review in progress that we'll update as we play.

There's a lot to get to grips with in The Division 2 over 30 levels and a strong endgame offering so there's no point rushing to slap a number on things. The good news so far is that we're really enjoying it: strong gunplay, great missions, amazing locations and a strong sense of fun joining it all together. If you're after a good solid foundation to start you off then our The Division 2 tips will get you off to a good start.

the division 2 map

It covers everything from the best gear and guns to use, skills, combat and the Dark Zone. If you're just getting started then this should give you a broad overview of everything to help you hit the ground running. Confusingly skills are gadgets in The Division 2. But despite the weird naming learning the best Division 2 skills is vital. Do you pick the machine gun drone or the swarm of killer robot bees seriously, it's a thing.

What about grenade launcher that fires clouds of flammable gas? There's a lot of different way to take out the enemies here and picking the best Division 2 skills will totally shape how you play. Continuing The Division 2's weird naming the best Division 2 perks are mainly things like inventory upgrades, weapon attachments and so on.

But, like skills, the right ones make all the difference. Choose wisely and you can massively increase the XP you can earn, the damage you can take and so on. The Division 2 mods are the key to powering up your character. Beyond just levelling up these boost your weapons, skills, gear and more. Knowing what they do and how they can affect your character build is vital once you start near the endgame. The dark Zone is where The Division 2 gets serious: a ruthless PvP area where players fight each other to take and steal the best gear in the game.

That is if you can get out alive to enjoy it. However, it'll be a short fruitless trip if you can't work out how to get Dark Zone keys in The Division 2. Learning how to craft in The Division 2 can net you some great gear as you play.

But it's the endgame where a The Division 2 crafting guide becomes really important - it's the only way to keep progressing your character once you reach the 30 level cap.

Learn how to craft and build a better agent with our Division 2 crafting guide. Chances are you'll discover a Hyena crate before long in The Division 2 and start to wonder about The Division 2 Hyena key locations. Without them, or any of the Outcast or True Sons keys, you won't be opening any of the faction crates you can find in the world, so use our guide and make sure you don't miss out.

If you were hoping to get stuck straight into the Dar Zone in The Division 2 then you have a few hoops to jump through. Fortunately we cover how to unlock the Dark Zone in The Division 2 here so just follow our guide and you'll be betraying your friends to steal their knee pads in now time.

It's the game's unique PvP area where you can team up with or fight other players to get loot and extract it to use int he main game. It's not easy but the risk is worth it. Especially if you go rogue and survive. There's a focus on reaching the endgame in The Division 2 so how to level up fast in The Division 2 is something you need to know.

This guide will help max out your XP gains and make sure your agent reaches the top as soon as possible. If you're after a serious challenge and some major bragging rights then you need to track down The Division 2 masks.

These are endgame objectives for when you reach the level 30 cap that involves some tricky puzzles that will summon some of the most difficult enemies in the game. Defeat them and you can claim their mask to wear. If you've spent any time in the Whitehouse you've probably notice that omninous box you can't open. If you want to get inside you're going to need to find some Division 2 ivory keys to open and get at the rewards inside.Learn more about the upcoming ability to reconfigure and upgrade Exotics to Level 40 and what to expect when the new feature releases in Title Update 9.

Today we are bringing you a new instance of SHD Spotlight, an article series where we hand the mic to passionate members of our community to highlight their creations, anecdotes, and involvement in The Division community and the game.

The Agent Highlights of March are here! Players have been busy hunting down Keener and are now working to shut down a network of rogue agents in our first Season — Shadow Tide. The Division 2 Warlords of New York expansion is also available now alongside cross-play and cross-progression with PC. Our first Season is live now. Hunt down a cell of rogue agents plotting an attack on Washington D. Each Warlords of New York season revolves around a manhunt to take down new Rogue agents.

Unlock rewards by taking down the new targets, along with participating in new in-game activities, global events, leagues, and more. We have an extensive post launch plan, supporting the game for the year to come. This content will be free and accessible for everyone. Upgrade your agent outfit before exploring the outskirts of Washington, D.

Saving the city has never looked so good! Ubisoft Logo An illustrated Ubisoft logo with Ubisoft title. Back Arrow Left. Buy Now. Season 1: Shadow Tide Watch Now. Right Arrow. Arrow Left. April 17Reconfiguring Exotics Learn more about the upcoming ability to reconfigure and upgrade Exotics to Level 40 and what to expect when the new feature releases in Title Update 9. Read More. April 6SHD Spotlight: CptKharg Today we are bringing you a new instance of SHD Spotlight, an article series where we hand the mic to passionate members of our community to highlight their creations, anecdotes, and involvement in The Division community and the game.

Arrow Left 1 of Season 1 Shadow Tide Learn More.Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Google Stadia free from today where available.

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Friendly Fire Show Reviews stranding. Friendly Fire Show Review backlog. Friendly Fire Show Take Control. Home Guides The Division 2 interactive map shows key locations, collectibles.

The Division 2 interactive map shows key locations, collectibles. BY Steve Wright. Highly useful. Next article Feminist Frequency takes on queer tropes in new series. He's a Canadian-Australian gay gaming geek, ice hockey player and fan. Husband to Matt and cat dad to Wally and Quinn. Latest news. Google Stadia free from today where available Steve Wright - 9 Apr Latest reviews. Steve Wright - 6 Apr Its great gunplay, worthwhile loot, and beautiful world brimming with reasons to explore it kept me engrossed for the vast majority of my 60 hours of playtime.

The Dark Zone, too, was far less interesting that I had hoped it would be. The Division 2 gets so much more right than it does wrong. Things in The Division 2 seem to pick up right where the original post-pandemic story left off in terms of both plotline and cover-based shooting, but it quickly becomes clear that many aspects of the gameplay have improved in meaningful ways. Gunplay is impactful — enemies react to being shot sooner and die faster, and the world is teeming with enticing reasons to explore it.

It all comes together to provide a space that makes it okay to stop and smell the roses, I never regretted indulging my inner explorer. The phenomenally well-realized recreation of Washington D. However, new activities, like battling roaming patrols of elite enemies, are introduced as you progress and the freedom to tackle your laundry list of tasks in any order you wish keeps it from feeling like an obligatory grind.

The missions themselves are well crafted, and many succeed in delivering a bitesize storyline. The Jefferson Trade Center mission, for example, effectively establishes the stakes: a Division agent has been taken hostage, and then it executes on that premise.

Some missions, like the Federal Bunker or Lincoln Memorial, even introduce welcome new mission-specific mechanics like shooting a valve to douse flames, or tracing a power cord to a destructible circuit in order to open a door. All main-mission and stronghold bosses, on all difficulty levels, just seem to be normal enemy archetypes with more health. This deprives the PvE encounters of sorely needed stand-out moments and mechanical intricacy.

The only one who barely breaks this rule is Diesel, from the District Union Arena, who briefly takes control of a turret on a stationary armored car but then just turns out to be another armor-clad Hyena machine gunner. The good news is that enemy variety elsewhere is significantly better than the first game. Their rusher is a suicide bomber, their engineer controls a Battle Bot, and their heavy tries to crush your skull with a giant hammer.

Most adversaries can spawn as more a difficult version of their basic role, and get a correspondingly colored health bar to indicate who can take a few more hits. These lowly grunts may melt quickly, but they pack a punch and can spell trouble if they get behind you. As a result of these factors, combat remained demanding and fun, if a little predictable, throughout my 60 hours with The Division 2.

For the most part, I found even bosses died reasonably quickly and that time-to-kill was a non-issue, which again, is an achievement for a stat-based shooter. The handful of baddies that can take a beating are generally covered in bulky, hard-to-miss kevlar that breaks off as you shoot it, making their superhuman durability more believable.

Gunplay is impactful, enemies react to being shot sooner and die faster. The Division 2 does a wonderful job of making one gun feel unique from another by way of recoil patterns, rate of fire, and sound, the latter of which is particularly well done. Weapons and equipment can drop with beneficial modifiers called talents that take the loot from serviceable to genuinely interesting. You can even transfer your favorite talents to new gear by recalibrating, which comes at the cost of destroying the old item in the process.

Tinkering with your build is easy and intuitive thanks to a well-detailed stat summary and DPS meters in the form of the firing range. I had loads of fun eeking out every last drop of damage from brand set bonuses, weapon attachments, attributes, and talents.

While gunplay is much improved in The Division 2, the abilities we get to use still feel clunky and ineffective. Deployed turrets get destroyed almost instantly, and anything that requires a second activation, like the Bomber Drone, took too long to set up relative to the middling damage it delivered in my initial playthrough.

Even if I wanted to, the required skill power to equip an ability mod was always way above my means and therefore the whole concept was a bit a non-starter. Specializations, on the other hand, do offer phenomenally fun-to-use signature weapons up front, as well as useful bonuses like different grenades, skills, and passive effects as you level them up.

There are a lot of excellent activities and progression that await you after the critical path, at least for a while anyway. The main plot is serviceable, but the majority of standout story moments come in the form of short, direct, but effective subplots during missions.Compared to the start of the game, the Division 2 map acts and behaves much differently compared to the end.

The actual environment doesn't change, but you'll find that the Division 2 map is an ever growing place, as the various factions fight for control. This only happens towards the end of The Division 2so if you're wondering just how the Division 2 map changes, read on. This map is from mid-way through an initial playthrough of the game, before reaching level The map is full of the three main factions; Hyenas, Outcasts, and True Sons, but as you start to take over the control points and help out the settlements, Washington D.

When you complete the main story, you're introduced to a fourth faction: the Black Tusk. These are much tougher enemies that completely retake the map, so you essentially have to start from scratch but with much better gear. You can even replay a number of main missions but with a slight twist now they feature the Black Tusk. As you continue to play during the endgame, this changes though. Allied forces will assault control points without your involvement, so even if you haven't attacked one yourself, you may notice a control point has switched ownership.

The Black Tusk will continue to fight back though, so it's unlikely you'll ever be able to completely conquer Washington D. The Division 2 map always evolving and changing in this fashion means there's much more content to tackle when you reach the endgame, so don't even for a second consider putting the game down. Get out there and do your job, Agent. One of the resident guide writers around these parts, give me a game and I will write every "how to" I possibly can or die trying.

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the division 2 map

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the division 2 map

Check out this guide to find all the Collectibles in Tom Clancy's Division 2. This includes an overview of all Collectibles, where to find them, and more! Found Footage are video recordings that feature significant events that have happened in Washington, D. There are 8 Footage for you to find. There are more than 50 Comms that you can find and collect in the game. Each one records a snippet of a person's experience as they try to survive what has happened in Washington. From figurines to artworks, Artifacts give off a feeling of nostalgia and a glimpse to how life was before the Green Poison rolled into the state.

There are 40 Artifacts spread across the map. ECHOs actually show you a bit of how a recording happened through signal recreation. They can easily be identified for the orange light that they give off. Read about citizens, officials, military members, and enemies through Databases.

Collect all of them, easily more than Databases, to know more about the citizens of Washington D. Collectibles are different items that you can pick up as you explore the map. These can range from simple figurines and artwork to intricate signal ECHOs! Each collectible type has a sub-category that will each give a reward for collecting all of them. The Collectibles in the game offer an insight on what has happened in Washington D.

Some even offer background on factions that have plagued the state. C Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks.

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Reader Comments. Alias Optional Max. Looks like nobody posted here yet Read on. Article Menu. Most Popular. Featured Titles.We have an extensive post launch plan, supporting the game for the year to come. This content will be free and accessible for everyone. Invasion: Battle for D. Following Invasion, there will be three Episodes in Year 1, which will bring additional narratives and missions, new PvP and PvE modes as well as three entirely new specializations.

We will also introduce three entirely new specializations. Each of them will bring in a new unique signature weapon and skill tree to unlock and master. New endgame specializations will help you redefine your own personal playstyle as you take on new high-level challenges. The first 8-player raid in the history of The Division 2 will arrive with the launch of Operation Dark Hours.

The Division 2 map: How does it change when you reach endgame?

Includes 7-day early access to all free Year One Episodes, instant access to 3 new specializations as they unlock, 8 classified assignments, new exclusive customization items, and more. The Division 2 base game is required in order to play the expansion. This isn't the end, Agents. The fight for our city has only just begun. Welcome to The Division 2 Endgame. Ubisoft Logo An illustrated Ubisoft logo with Ubisoft title.

Back Arrow Left. Buy Now. This Is Just The Begining We have an extensive post launch plan, supporting the game for the year to come. Watch Trailer. Prologue Invasion: Battle For D. Learn More. Episode 1 D. Outskirts: Expeditions Learn More. Right Arrow. Arrow Left.

The Division 2 guide: the ultimate guide for everything you need to know

New Specializations We will also introduce three entirely new specializations. More to Come Includes 7-day early access to all free Year One Episodes, instant access to 3 new specializations as they unlock, 8 classified assignments, new exclusive customization items, and more.

Endgame Trailer This isn't the end, Agents.


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