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Substitute teacher

GRE scores not required Prepare for teaching credential. No GRE scores are required to apply. Complete in as few as two years. A substitute teacher serves in the place of a teacher who is unable to perform his or her duties due to an absence. A substitute teacher may be called in for any teaching position within a school. The job may last for a day, a week, or an entire year. The goal of the short term substitute is to continue with the lessons of the full time teacher.

substitute teacher

Being a substitute means you must continue all duties of the teacher if possible. This could include lunch or recess duty, bus duty, giving and grading assignments, handling discipline, and keeping order within the classroom while teaching the provided assignment.

Substitute teachers must be prepared to teach any class at a moment's notice. Being a substitute can be a daily adventure into the unknown. Anyone certified to teach can also be a substitute teacher. However usually, a substitute could simply have a four year degree in any area. Keep in mind that being a substitute is not simply walking into a classroom and showing a movie, as some may believe. A good substitute teacher will arrive prepared in case no lessons have been left behind, is flexible, and is authoritative.

Substitute teachers are in a unique position in which they may only see a student for a single hour, but must remain in control of the class as if it is a daily job. A substitute must have a sense of humor, yet be able to control a classroom full of children without being threatening. A substitute should also be thick skinned as the students are often much tougher on substitute teachers than a daily teacher.

Substitute Teacher jobs in Houston, TX

A good substitute will also leave a note for the returning teacher on what assignments were completed and a few positives about the day, include a name and number if you wish to be called back. As mentioned, a substitute is required to perform all the daily tasks of the regular education teacher.

This means that you should find what tasks are required early and attend any assigned duty. This typically means simply keeping basic order as full time teachers are aware you do not know the routine. You should also be flexible enough to be lost in a new school and fearless enough to ask directions or advice.

Take control of your day early on and remember that if it is completely unbearable, this is a classroom you can avoid in the future. However, the best way to get rehired as a sub is to leave the room orderly, assignments graded, and a business card with your name and number.

Being a substitute teacher may not be a first choice after receiving a teaching degree. However, being a substitute can put you on the path to being hired at a school that would not have considered a new teacher otherwise.

Subbing provides an opportunity got teacher candidates to show that they are capable and a team player. This could get you noticed as a potential teacher when a full time job or long term substitute position opens. Substitute teaching can also offer a steady source of income while searching for a full time job. If you have multiple certifications, substitute teaching will allow you to decide which grade level or subject area you most enjoy.

Statistically, substitute teachers are always needed.Click here to join us for our Virtual Job Fair. Monday, March 30, 12pm-5pm. Our offices are currently closed until further notice, however representatives are available to answer questions Monday - Friday am - pm. Find out how you can join our staff as a substitute teacher or substitute para-professional! One interview can put you in touch with all of the school districts we service! Find out how STS can help you reduce overhead costs, save time managing your substitute needs, recruiting, and interviewing.

Effective with the school year, PA Act 86 of June,will allow current students enrolled in a qualifying teacher preparation program, working toward Pennsylvania Certification, to work as a substitute teacher. This program is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania and is exclusive to STS. It allows those who have a 4 year degree to take an online training program that would prepare them for teaching in the classroom as a day to day substitute. If you have any questions, please email the corresponding department below Customer Service Department - helpdesk thesubservice.

Human Resources Department - hrcommon thesubservice. Payroll Department - directpay thesubservice. Para Services - paraservices thesubservice. Become a Sub. School Districts Find out how STS can help you reduce overhead costs, save time managing your substitute needs, recruiting, and interviewing. Find Out How. We renewed our contract with Subsitute Teacher Service based on their ongoing superior services, resources and overall value. STS is flexible, working diligently with us to fill our vacancies and resolves issues.

Student Teacher Substitutes Effective with the school year, PA Act 86 of June,will allow current students enrolled in a qualifying teacher preparation program, working toward Pennsylvania Certification, to work as a substitute teacher. Learn How It Works. Work every day as a valued substitute. Immediate openings throughout Pennsylvania. Apply Today! View All Positions. All Rights Reserved.In New York State, no certificate is offered specifically for substitute teaching.

substitute teacher

Employment as a substitute teacher is governed by the following rules:. A school district may impose additional local requirements on individuals they employ as substitute teachers. Skip To Content. Office of Teaching Initiatives. Substitute Teaching In New York State, no certificate is offered specifically for substitute teaching.

Employment as a substitute teacher is governed by the following rules: Hold a New York State certificate: A substitute teacher may be employed in any capacity for any length of time, in any number of school districts.

However, if employed on a long-term basis more than 40 days in one school district in any given school yearthe substitute teacher must hold the proper certificate for the position or be working toward certification in that specific field or area. Do NOT hold a New York State certificate, but are working toward it: Working toward certification means completing collegiate study at the rate of not less than six semester hours per year.

A substitute teacher may be employed in any capacity for any length of time, in any number of school districts. However, if employed on a long-term basis more than 40 days in one school district in any given school yearthe substitute teacher must be employed to teach in the subject or area for which certification is being sought.

Do NOT hold a New York State certificate and are NOT working toward it: A substitute teacher may be employed in any capacity in any number of school districts, but are limited to 40 days in a given school district in a school year. Local Requirements A school district may impose additional local requirements on individuals they employ as substitute teachers.A substitute teacher is an on-call teacher who substitutes for a full-time teacher when they are ill, taking vacation or maternity leave, or will be absent for other reasons.

Substitute teachers can often choose to work on a part-time basis or accept longer-term openings that become available. This guide provides further information on what substitute teachers do, how to become one, and substitute teacher salary and job outlook. It is a temporary or long-term replacement for the full-time teacher who is absent. The substitute teacher is therefore responsible for delivering lessons based on the lesson plans and accompanying assignments outlined by the full-time teacher.

In cases of unforeseen or extended absences, the substitute teacher may need to create lesson plans that meet the learning objectives of the class for which he or she is substituting. Substitute teacher requirements vary from state to state, and school districts have varying requirements as well. Some states do not regulate substitute teachers at all and leave it up to the individual school district to determine the requirements. Substitute teachers may also be responsible for non-classroom duties as necessary, such as maintaining records of student progress and consulting with parents.

Some state boards of education offer a special substitute teaching license, either before beginning work or after subbing for a certain number of days, while others leave it up to individual school districts to decide.

In some districts, certification might not be required and in others, full teacher certification may be required thus, checking with the schools in your area and consulting your state board of education is the best way to determine the requirements for a substitute teacher in schools near you. In addition, some states offer emergency substitute teaching certificates for situations in which schools do not have enough subs to call on in their regular pool; as such, emergency subs often have less stringent requirements than regular substitutes.

Keeping in mind that the process can vary, the typical path to a substitute teaching career in a K public school is as follows:. Most school districts maintain a list of approved substitute teachers who will be called when an opening becomes available. Note that absences that must be filled due to teacher illness can be on short notice; a substitute teacher may be called for availability the night before or the morning of an absence.

It is also worth noting that in many areas, substitute teachers who hold regular state teaching certification command a higher rate of pay.

Those who hold a regular teaching certificate will also be better positioned to accept long-term assignments since conditionally licensed substitutes are frequently limited in the number of days they are allowed to work.

The sortable table below shows substitute teacher requirements and information by state, including which states offer regular substitute teaching certificates, emergency substitute teaching certificates, the minimum degree level required at the state level, and other important information.

Even in states that only require subs to have a high school diploma or GED or have no state-wide educational requirements, it is quite possible that most school districts may require a college degree. With this in mind, it is important to check with the schools in your area to find out their requirements for prospective substitute teachers to make sure you qualify.

Most states require a background check and fingerprinting for public school substitutes since they will be working with children. Substitute teacher pay is usually based on a daily rate. In addition, many school districts raise the per-day rate for substitute teachers who have worked more than 30 days in the previous calendar year.

Benefits for substitute teachers can differ depending on the school and the length of the assignment. Schools frequently require substitute teachers for both short-term emergency assignments and longer engagements.

Substitute teacher

Moreover, stints as a substitute teacher can sometimes lead to a permanent job in a school. A substitute teacher who holds state teaching certification with endorsements in multiple subject areas will be a competitive choice for districts looking to fill teacher absences.

Those who have completed teaching internships or practicums may also have an edge when an opening becomes available. Staying up to date with teaching practices and technologies is another good way to stay at the top of the list when school districts are looking for substitute teachers. Searching for Schools Answer : Requirements for being a substitute teacher vary by state and by school district. Others have less stringent requirements or allow individual school districts to set requirements for substitute teachers.

As a general rule, however, a substitute teacher must pass a criminal background check and have at least some college experience. Question : Do I need to live in a school district to substitute there? Answer : While some school districts may consider residency when reviewing available substitutes, most school districts do not.

Additionally, under most substitute agreements it is up to the substitute to decide whether or not to accept an assignment. Question : Are substitute teacher positions available in the summer months?Substitute teaching is one of the most difficult jobs in education. It is also one of the most important.

It takes a remarkable person to be able to adapt effectively to all the situations that will be thrown at her as a substitute teacher. Substitute teachers are used in virtually every school across the country every day. It is vital for school administrators to compose a list of top-notch people who can successfully substitute teach.

Flexibility and adaptability are probably the two most important characteristics that substitute teachers must possess. They must be flexible because they are often not called until the morning of the day they are needed. They must be adaptable because they could be subbing in a second-grade classroom one day and a high school English class the next.

Substitute Services

There are even times when their assignment will change from the time they are called to the time they actually arrive. Although it is beneficial for a substitute to be a certified teacherit is not a requirement or necessity.

A person without formal training in education can be a successful substitute. Being a good substitute teacher starts with an understanding of what you are expected to do and knowing that students are going to test you.

substitute teacher

Ensure you are equipped to deal with any obstacles. Some school districts require new substitutes to attend formal training before they are placed on the substitute list while others do not.

Regardless, always try to schedule a short meeting to introduce yourself to the building principal. Use this time to let her know who you are, ask her for advice, and find out any specific protocol she may have for substitute teachers.

Sometimes it is impossible to meet with the teacher for whom you will be subbing but always do so if you have the opportunity. Although meeting the teacher in person is ideal, a simple phone conversation can be extremely beneficial. The teacher can walk you through his schedule, provide you with specific details, and give you a lot of other relevant information that will make your day go smoother. Have a solid understanding of what the school expects from its students and teachers.

Some schools may even have a substitute policy designed to protect substitutes from poor student behavior.A substitute teacher is a person who teaches a school class when the regular teacher is unavailable; e. Common synonyms for substitute teacher include relief teacher or casual teacher used in Australia and New Zealand and "emergency teacher" used in some parts of the United States.

Regional variants in terminology are common, such as the use of the term teacher on call T. In the United States, substitute teachers find jobs by first completing the application and interview process from their local school district.

Once approved, they will either be enrolled in an automated calling system or more currently, via a system that uses the internet to post available substitute teaching assignments. Substitutes can also find work by contacting private schools in their district. Most substitute teachers in the U. The substitute is generally responsible for closely following and continuing with the lesson plans left by the teacher, and to maintain student order and productivity.

As with locum tenens physicians, the idea is that continuity exists between the work done by the substitute and that done by the other professional. Substitutes work with the same students as the regular teacher does. Substitute teachers can often work in multiple schools within one district, as well as for multiple school districts.

In some regions, the qualifications for substitute teaching may not be as strict as those for a regular teacher. Most areas require a college degreeand some the successful completion of competency tests; others require only that the applicant possess a high school diploma or its equivalent; full teaching qualifications are required for long-term assignments.

Some school administrators may not hire full-time teachers unless they have had substitute teaching experience. The Alliance also reported substantial variation in benefits with substitute teachers in some locales receiving no benefits while others receive sick time, retirement, or other benefits especially in areas where substitute teachers have a union.

The length of time spent each day at other jobs is roughly 15 percent longer. In Australia, the rate can vary between states and between sectors. Casual Relief Teachers must be fully qualified teachers.

The purpose of this day is to highlight the role and importance of the substitute teacher by providing information about, advocating for, and helping to increase appreciation and respect for this unique professional.

This day also focuses on the needs of substitutes, which include better wages and health benefits and continual professional development. Other countries and jurisdictions have similar observances.

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substitute teacher

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Together, they cited 7 references. Learn more Explore this Article Steps. Related Articles. Decide if you want to invest in the process. You must wait for a certain date early in the fall to begin, and if you wait too long you may not be able to get certification that year the DOE has a recruitment target for new subs. Find a public school principal to nominate you for becoming a substitute.

If you grew up in NYC you can go to your old high school; otherwise just contact a school close to where you live and schedule an interview with the principal.

If you get turned down at one school, try another! Go in person if you have to without an interview scheduled. At any interview you of course want to dress professionally, bring your resume, and be prepared to discuss why you want to teach. Apply for substitute status. After the principal submits your name, you will receive an e-mail from the DOE.


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