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Saginaw 4 speed shifter

On Sale. Garage Sale. Tell us what vehicle you drive so we can help you find exactly what you're looking for. Help is just a click away! Products to Compare max of 3 X. Saginaw 4-Speed, Shifters and Accessories. Driveline and Axles. Shifters and Accessories.

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Shifters, Manual Transmission

Shift Knobs. Shifter Cables. Shift Boot Rings. Shift Linkage Mounts. Shift Interlock Solenoids. Shift Indicators. Shift Linkage. Shift Boot Bezels. Shift Linkage Bushings. Shifter Relocation Brackets. Part Ships Free. Quick View. Speedway Rectangular Vinyl Shifter Boot. Overall Length: 6.

Speedway Hot Rod Shifter Boots. Overall Height: 7. Speedway Large Square Shifter Boot. Base Length: 6. Hurst Bench Seat Stick. Hurst B-4 Boot and Plate.See the complete line of products that we offer at www. To speak to a Drive Train Expert or to place an order call toll free ! Having issues diagnosing problems with your Saginaw manual transmission we can help. We have a large inventory of rebuilt Saginaw Manual Transmissions plus transmission parts.

Our factory rebuilt re-manufactured transmissions are dyno tested before leaving the factory ensuring the highest quality. We offer a no hassle 12 month warranty, performance guaranteed.

saginaw 4 speed shifter

Below you will find a detailed list that includes complete rebuilt transmissionsbearing rebuild kits with and without synchro rings, seals and bushingsindividual bearingssynchro assembliesslidersringsforksgearsshafts and bearing retainers. These transmissions have cast iron case and tail housings, each transmission has a 7 bolt side cover, the units are full synchronized and the rings have 30 teeth.

Electric overdrives were used on some models. Below we provide a Saginaw parts illustration to assist you with the correct identification of the parts you need. Select the parts you require from the following list and give us a call. If you need more information or cannot find the parts you need give us a call, if you would like to save money,ask about our good take out parts GTOthey are inspected and guaranteed.

Midwest Transmission can Cryogenic Treat any shaft or gear. Call for a quote. This is an example of a widget area that you can place text to describe a product or service. You can also use other WordPress widgets such as recent posts, recent comments, a tag cloud or more. About Contact Us Blog Cart 0. Midwest Transmission Center, Inc. Toll Free Free Technical Support. Midwest Transmission an Automotive Parts Remanfacturer and Re-builder can Help you with your Saginaw 4 Manual Transmission Having issues diagnosing problems with your Saginaw manual transmission we can help.When Using Passenger Car Trans.

Dedicated applications assure a custom fit to a wide variety of vehicles having factory consoles without any floor pan modifications Race track proven design and reliability. Heat treated linkage rods and arms for added strength and durability. Adjustable gear stops prevent overshifts to help prolong transmission life.

Bolt-on chrome-plated stick with attractive custom white knob. Complete with all hardware.

saginaw 4 speed shifter

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Chromium hexavalent compoundsA-alpha-C 2-Amino-9H-pyrido[2,3-b]indoleAbiraterone acetate, and Acetochlor which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects, or other reproductive harm For more information go to www. Important Notice Concerning Hurst Patents As many of you are already aware, the patents on the Hurst Comp Plus Shifters has expired, and cheaper knockoffs of shifters and installation kits are already becoming available for sale.

For over 60 Years, Hurst has been the industry leader and the standard for performance manual shifters. If you see any shifter or installation kit that looks like Hurst offered for sale at a price less than we advertise it for, it is most likely not a Hurst manufactured part and there are reasons the price is less.

Your car may be your largest investment next to your home and in some cases, with the prices on original muscle cars it may be your biggest investmentso your shifter and linkage is not something you want to compromise on. Again, you can rest assured that when you are purchasing parts from us or getting your shifter rebuilt by us, you are getting the best…genuine Hurst products.

SKU: BT. More Details. Add to Cart. Check the check boxes next to the additional products that you would like to add to the shopping cart, then click on the "Add to Cart" button above. A check box is not shown if a product requires that you select an option or fill out a field. Product Details. To view the Hurst Installation Instructions Click here. Quick View.The Jalopy Journal.

Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. On a tab on side of case just below side cover is R 5 K 2 1 stamped. I googled it and no luck. On right side of case is GM 4 K. Below that is On tail housing is And GM 1. The tail has a cast on bottom end with 3 holes. On the left side of tailshaft housing is 3 taped holes in triangle pattern behind the speedometer.

Trying to identify sp I can order a shifter.

saginaw 4 speed shifter

I can't ID, but if you do find out what it came from, the shifter would then have rods to clear whatever that car had for crossmembers, etc. Back in the day, the Hurst shifter for a certain car would also have the correct location to come through the floor, and have the best stick handle size and shape. Yeah, it's a Saginaw 4 speed. I heard that a local Auto Parts store used to be a speed shop, and rumor said there were NOS parts upstairs All I found up there for 4 speed Saginaw Hurst shifter kits, was one sealed Hurst box and the label from Hurst said it fit 66 Impala, I don't recall if it said bench seat or console Anyways, those old Hursts had a welded handle that you can't swap like a newer Hurst.

It looked like it was tall enough, and not jogged to either side, and it fit my build perfectly. Those old Saginaw 4 speeds are not a high performance trans, so don't put one behind a screaming HP engine. In normal driving behind a small block built for normal street and highway driving, they are good transmissions.

4 Speed Saginaw, shift shaft seals, '78 El Camino

The ones out of Vegas have a really deep first gear ratio, since Vegas came from the factory needing an engine, and they needed a deep first gear ratio to get the car moving.Log In Username. Login Forgot Your Password? Forgot Your Username? New Customer? Create an Account. My Account Orders list Wishlist Checkout. Saginaw 4 speed Transmission unit is shown in the following illustration:. Performance Monitoring Gauges. Installation: Exhaust Temperature Gauge.

Installation: Pressure Boost Gauge. Installation: Temperature Gauge. Differential Covers.

Saginaw 4 speed Hurst shifter & linkage setup 1969 Chevy Camaro Pontiac Firebird

Transmission Pans. Posi-Lok Vac Shift Motor. Speedometer Solutions. Hose Replacement Kits. Manual Transmission Replacement Parts. Syncro Ring Kits Manual Transmission. Oil Chart Manual Transmission. Acura Manual Transmission illustrated parts drawings. Acura G3T4 Manual Transmission illustrated parts drawing. Acura K4F6 Manual Transmission illustrated parts drawing. Cadillac Manual Transmission Rebuild Kits. Borg Warner T5 Overhaul Kit. Muncie M20 Overhaul Kit. Muncie Overhaul Kit.

Borg Warner T10 Overhaul Kit. Borg Warner T56 Overhaul Kit. Corvette S Overhaul Kit. Muncie 3 speed LD Overhaul Kit. Muncie M21 and M22 Overhaul Kit. General Motors Parts illustrations Manual Transmission. T5 5 Speed Parts illustration. GM T10 Parts illustration.

saginaw 4 speed shifter

BW T56 Parts illustration. Corvette S Parts illustration. HM Parts illustration. Muncie M21 Parts illustration.Shopping online is convenient and gratifying, and the large majority of online transactions go through safely. You can safeguard your money and your identity by using your Visa card. Basically hand out your own personal details and details where it is necessary where you've got began the contact in addition to trust the other party.

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A mobile loyalty card program is another possible technique for sellers who are searching for ways to influence in-store purchase decisions. Furthermore, mobile loyalty programs offer sellers with much more comprehensive information about to the level of participation and the behaviors of their customers compared to conventional loyalty methods, such as punch cards. Even if a portion of smartphone users are still reluctant to share their locations in order to cash in on discount coupons or special offers, there are other ways to leverage the popularity of mobile devices such as the this program.

Buy the right time for you. Shopping once the malls along with stores are nearly all busy for instance late night shopping along with Saturday mornings can bring about shopping fatigue in which you turn out fractious along with cranky - not just a state by which smart shopping may take spot. It sounds like a big number, but it isn't. Identity theft occurs when somebody obtains your personal information, such as your credit card data or Social Security number, to commit fraud or other crimes.

You can utilize price comparison websites to compare the expense of everything from refrigerators and washers, to cameras and Televisions. Find all the major car parts you need. Uncategorized Q and A Privacy.Adapter material is T-6 heat treated aluminum alloy and the adapter has a provision for a transmission mount.

The adapter kit includes an adapter housing, new 6 spline transmission main shaft, spacer, bearing, gaskets, fastening hardware, and adapter instructions. Please I. The reverse lever will be protruding out of the side cover. PN Large Hole Retainer or. PN Small Hole Retainer. PN Sealed Bearing.

This Jeep section deals transfer cases used in the Jeep vehicles and Scouts. The purpose of this information is to provide the needed help with stock part identification, conversion parts needed, and general information on what to expect when dealing with these drivetrain components. The cast iron Dana 18 was an offset transfer case used from to Although compact in size and relatively light in weight, the transfer case was quite reliable.

The initial units were a twin stick design that featured a 2wd-4wd shifter with second high-low shifter. Later models would be offered in a single style shifter only; however, many have been and continue to be converted to twin stick configurations. There was also an interlock detent pin between the two shifter rails. Over the years many Jeepers have removed the interlock to obtain another shifting option of a 2wd rear low only. The low range for the Dana 18 was standard with a 2.

Saginaw 4 Speed Parts illustration

The 5 bolt pattern on the front of the Dana 18 can best be described as the state of Texas. The front indexing hole can further I.

The rear yoke was a 10 spline flange style yoke with a 10 spline Non-CV up front. A drum parking brake was also common on the rear of the transfer case. The Dana 18 was the only cast Iron offset transfer case used by Jeep.

The offset configuration was a passenger side drop with the exception of early prototypes. The Dana 18 design utilized both front and rear yokes offset to be in line with the axle pumpkins. It is quite easy to I. Since the transfer is clocked down on the passenger side, the front and rear drive shafts sitting bellow the transmission.


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