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Lucario x reader ao3

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. So why not have some mischief as you explore the world while bugging the one and only cat loving kahuna? Having left everything in Saffron City, you start your life completely over in Alola. Along the way, you find pieces of yourself, pieces of your heart. You'd expected to ride out this self-isolation, well, by yourself, but you know what they say about the best laid plans.

Suddenly you've got yourself a quarantine buddy in the form of a former gang leader. Thanks a lot you useless piece of sh. A naive young girl from his past meddles with the wrong kind of men, desperately seeking love and approval. He knows he shouldnt do it. Knew it was wrong, but when she looked at him with those damn eyes.

You shake your head and decided to think nothing of it. Maybe none of the grunts had the chance to warn their boss of your presence from how fast you took down all who came before you. But still, it was odd how easy it was for you to sneak into this place and how fast you were able to infiltrate it all the way to the top room. Chaos had always reigned supreme after the End, and Alola was no different.

Guzma knew this, in fact, he knew too well about how disgustingly amoral life could be.

lucario x reader ao3

But when he glances down at the way you were curled in his embrace, he can't help but think that life was perfect the way it was. Suffocated by both traumatic memories of the fall of Team Flare and the pressure of being the longstanding Champion of Kalos, you impulsively flee to the Alola region to live in a society with no Pokemon League.

Both keeping your status as Champion secret and living low, you travel through Alola under the guise of being a scientist in an attempt to complete your Pokedex and rediscover the love for battling that you once had. Along your journey, you meet a myriad of people, both good and evil. But even the people who are self-proclaimed bad guys who beat you down and beat you down and never let up are caring in their own ways.This is my first Pokemon fic ever I owe it to Lucario, seeing as he helped me discover that I'm a gay furry.

Warnings here, this fic is Yaoi and contains human x Pokemon, so any trolling will be ignored. Lucario stood on top of a grassy cliff top that over looked the tree-like structure, his eyes closed and black appendages erect as he sensed the aura around him.

He focussed in on the humans a little more, their bright blue glows weak and non-threatening; they were most likely farmers or curious travellers. Tensions had been running high in the surrounding kingdoms recently and everyone suspected a war would start, so Aura Guardians like Lucario were training in order to protect the Queen.

The young man chuckled as he watched his friend open his eyes. Chill out a bit and relax! We need to make the most of the good times, because if and when the fighting starts, everything will be very different. You've been training very hard and I'm positive that you're strong enough to be a true Guardian of Aura. Lucario nodded and jogged to his master's side, walking with him into the trees and away from the dusty chasms surrounding the tree. He always found it incredibly relaxing to feel his aura around him, even more so when they were alone.

For the past few weeks, Lucario noticed that his aura felt somewhat different; it was softer when they were together, as if Sir Aaron was always warm and content in his presence. During this time, Lucario had developed unusual feelings for the human as he had started looking at him in a completely different light. It had taken him a while to figure out exactly what it was he was feeling, but he had concluded it was a love, and not the kind he was expecting.

In fact, I rather like just enjoying the feel of you beside me. Your aura is truly delightful. Lucario followed Aaron away from the trees and back onto rockier terrain, his nerves beginning to create a sinking feeling in his stomach.

They had been to the hot spring once before, Aaron showing him that it was a peaceful place to relax. The water had felt wonderful around his paws, but it had also been the first time Lucario started having feelings for his teacher. As much as he wished he could tell him how he felt, he knew there was nothing he could do about it. With the prospect of war around the corner and my training almost complete, I've been worrying that we'll no longer be together once everything has concluded.

If I become fully trained in the use of aura, your duty to me is complete. Lucario smiled, a lot of his worries leaving him behind as they walked through the mist surrounding the hot spring.

He breathed in the warm air, feeling the tension easing out of him a little at a time. He almost felt a little guilty about having thoughts of Sir Aaron leaving him; would a true friend really think that way? Did he have the right to say he loved him when, at the same time, he was plagued by thoughts of abandonment that may never happen? You're my friend and I always want you by my side, never forget that.

Trust wasn't the problem, but Lucario still refused to open his mind to his friend. Though he couldn't prevent his blush from deepening as Aaron jabbed his staff into the ground, removing his hat and gloves to place them over it.

His black cloak was next to follow before he sat down on the rocky ground to pull off his leather boots and socks. Though unlike last time, Aaron went further than just hats and gloves.

Lucario had to look away as he unbuckled his belt, knowing that his fur was no longer covering the deep crimson blush on his cheeks.

He felt his body heat up at the rustling of clothes behind him, fighting back the memories of times where he would fantasise about Sir Aaron late at night.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Male Blaziken X Reader 2. Male Mewtwo X Reader 3. Male Lucario X Reader 4. Male Zangoose X Reader 5. Female Delphox X Reader 6. Female Eevee X Reader 7. Blaine's Magmar male X Reader 8. Male Arceus X Reader 9. Mover Machamp X Reader Male Zoroark X Reader Male Ursaring x Reader Male Greninja X Reader Male Arcanine X Reader. Pokemon kickboxing was created only recently in Rosethorne City.

The fighting type trainers, which the town was pretty much overrun with, took to this arena swiftly. They trained up - their Pokemon, mixed types, pure fighters and even themselves - for the events weeks after the arena was built. You didn't have much reason to visit the arena. You didn't have a fighting type, you didn't have enough for the entry fee, you didn't really care. Although, once you heard of a Lucario joining the ranks, you just had to see the fight.

You couldn't deny it, there was something about Lucario that made you so very interested. There were a large ring and many seats ascending from around it. You took a seat around the middle of the ascension with a good view of the ring. The Pokemon were released onto the ring.

He was built and focused, his paws bandaged to keep from breaking the skin too easily. The opponent was a Hitmonlee, the reigning champion currently.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". When Lysandre interrupts the Kalos League to rewrite the world, everything changes. A Kalos finale redo. After a strange explosion, X and Y fear the apparition if a new threat for Kalos, and decide to get themselves implicate. But things are not as simple as they look, and nothing will go the way they want. And as those attacks take bigger scales and start to involve a large number of people, they would have no choice but to find the motive behind them to stop them; even if it means getting back on some bitter memories from three years ago they all would have preferred to forget First thing i did when i woke up in this strange new world - something that I could do, at least, was check and see if i had my dick.

I didn't. I also couldn't see. So, cue freak-out mode activate, but when I found out I was the son of the Aura Guardian Riley and born to an unknown character i had never heard of before - i decided to shape my own destiny in this strange new world that I would make for myself. I didn't have plot armor and I wasn't some child of the prophecy, my ability was more like a liability and if anything, i could just punch my problems away - like how Matt Murdock did, but that would only get me so far.

At least i had a badass support system guiding me through. My name? Poe Wilson. I'm gong to take this world by storm blind or not, no one was going to stop me from being a Pokemon trainer. After Ash left Galar, he has decided to challenge the Hoenn league again. Meanwhile, a terrorist group led by some familiar faces is causing chaos in Kalos and around the world. Ash and Serena must face off against some familiar faces in the Hoenn Region while Bonnie, Clemont, Korrina, and allies have to find the pieces of Zygarde to complete it in time to defeat the terrorists.

How do the characters from the Resetverse celebrate their holidays? Knowledge of the main story is suggested. Serena was always content to wait, but when she receives an opportunity for a new start, she finds that life isn't so patient. Separated from Ash, she isn't sure what's more daunting - losing him, or making things right again. Either way, one thing is certain - she will find out exactly what absence does to the heart.

Colt is a new young trainer just starting out in Kalos.

lucario x reader ao3

He begins his adventure and tries to improve both his Pokemon and himself, trying to become more adventurous along the way. Here is the menu to The Silver Moon Tavern. Here, you can tell our bartender exactly what kind of beverage you would like. Please use details so we can get as close to the experience you are looking for. Please keep in mind that some patrons prefer Some contents in this menu may not be for all patrons.

This is the story of Kalos, a beautiful region rich in culture, people, and perspectives.

Some people are not so nice, and some are almost too nice.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply".

It will have multiple endings, one for each character choice. I want to involve the other characters who won't be romantic choices in the plot so I hope you like reading about all the characters. To become the Galar Champion, you need to have passion, talent and drive. Unfortunately, that means one often has to be willing to make certain sacrifices.

Gloria, a struggling young woman with no connections or financial means to speak of, finds herself face to face with Chairman Rose, who offers her a shot at the Championship, but for a price A certain someone is offering a way out of her contract, but will that be enough to save her?

Leon gives me a questioning glance, clearly confused by my choice of wording. Do you know what I mean? You wake up in the Slumbering Weald but you don't know how or why. You're not from around here, but you've got to figure out how to make it through until you can get home. Pokemon AU where you are from this normal, everyday universe but after a feverish night wake up in the Pokemon universe in the Galar region.

No rating yet. Will add tags and characters as the story progresses. Be a slow burn because I'm a glutton for punishment. I mean a real slow burn. Enjoy the ride. Everything in here will be reader inserted, and will lean towards Fem! I will have some neutral in here, and in the future, I may try my hand at Male!

lucario x reader ao3

Reader inserts as well. This is an ongoing piece, where I may need to tag some more as time goes on. Hi guys!

lucario x reader ao3

Figured I'd compile all of the writing I've done for my blog onto here, for convenience. Character x Reader fics! A collection of x Readers from my writing blog on tumblr! I only write for the adults, and take requests on tumblr and in the comments of this book. So I'm on my period and I had a really weird thought about how Marnie would deal with it since she only has Piers and this is the result.

I think if Piers had a GF she'd be like an older sister figure and Marnie would ask her about that kind of thing. Edit: every single time someone reads this and doesn't interact in the slightest I die a little inside. I just want y'all to know that. This may be weird to other people but I personally don't think periods are something to be embarrassed or ashamed about.

They are something that happen to anyone who have certain organs regardless of gender identity and we should be ok talking about it. There were two things that connected you to the gym leader. You never anticipated for a third thing to connect you.

Short stories featuring Galar's undefeated Champion, the Dragon Tamer, and the Fiery Hoenn Leader, with some appearances from other characters. I just think they're neat.Your eyes scanned the crowd of people for a familiar face or uniform, trying in vain to locate Aizawa. Your upper arms had begun to grow sore from shouldering your way through the crowd of onlookers. You strained your ears and stood on your tippy-toes, trying to identify the owner of the deep voice.

This time you were certain you had heard your name called. You relaxed inwardly at the nonchalant expression on his face, but your body refused to stop fidgeting nervously. He thumped you on the back with a gargantuan hand, knocking the wind out of you. With a hand of each of your backs, he guided you and Aizawa past the edge of the crowd and into the police zone.

You recognized a couple of UA uniforms and a few teachers gathered in clusters among the small fleet of police cars. His arms were folded across his chest and his head hung forward. Todoroki off our hands. Todoroki lifted his head slightly, eyelids fluttering open. Are you okay? You instinctively embraced your boyfriend, yet you were still too shocked to speak.

He nuzzled his face into the fabric of your sweater, and you felt his breathing slow. Luckily, no one else had seen him yet…not that that really made this any easier. You glanced at Todoroki, who was struggling to stay awake. Guilt gnawed at your heart every second you had to keep the poor boy from sleeping.

You fished around in your blazer pocket for your dorm key, muttering about gum wrappers and coins. Somehow, you managed to maneuver the two of you into your dorm without letting him collapse to the floor, albeit rather ungracefully. You sighed, leaning on your door.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words For the first time in history, the Super Smash Bros University is opening it doors to members of worlds outside of the Smash Bros' sector of the multiverse.

Now 23 members hailing from two worlds will attend the University as part of this Special Program. Yang Xiao Long of the world of RWBY has her doubts over the University's offer, especially as her recovery and training to help her sister has started to falter. Join her and the other members of the Special Program and the University as they experience daily life at the University.

Kai wakes up in a world he doesn't recognise, with creatures he doesn't recognise and in a body that he hates. It's not him. It never will be. Can he live like this? A mystery dungeon fic that wants to explore what it would be like for the protagonist to be incompatible with his new pokemon body, and to have problems working it out.

Overnight, a huge chunk of fighters disappear, and it's soon discovered that they've been chosen to take part in a new battle- to the death. The remaining fighters are made to watch as their friends are forced to kill each other, but they're not exactly happy with standing by and desperately search for a way to get them free. Unova law dictates that all children are allowed one year to go on a pokemon journey. Amanda Rhodes set out on hers expecting to have an epic adventure and form life-long friendships Life-changing shenanigans ensue, with the occasional dash of family drama and a murder mystery to boot.

While having a peaceful break in Alola, Ash Ketchum didn't expect a certain Team Flare leader to appear.

Never Meant to Hurt You Pt 1- Katsuki Bakugo x Listener- Fanfiction ASMR Reading

But he quickly learns that is the least of his worries when his past begins to unravel and sinister forces around the globe begin to take shape upon the horizon. Now against the odds, can Ash stand up to the darkness' iron fist or will evil conquer with no mercy?

This is usually the part where you become a hot girl and get between my legs. Set in a alternate universe of the Pokemon mystery dungeon series, a strange duo will come together to create what could be the world's oddest team. Join Byleth, Beth, and Sothis on their quest to learn about every smashers in the mansion.

By having the perfect tea time with all of them.


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