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Gr ch apbt

It all started when no name jay went to southern kennels yard and saw barracuda as an 11 month old pup. Victor told jay that the pup had got into a kennel accident and stopped a 2x winner. Jay was impressed with the way the dog looked and acted and bought him on the spot. Shorty after they began to show the dog off the chain against conditioned dogs. After winning four times the dog jay called southern kennels and asked for the papers on barracuda.

Vic had said if they want the papers then they should start over and make him and official registered champion. The first time they brought him out it was over before it started. Now everyone was talking about barracuda and shortly after he was on his way to georgia for number two. First to go was cuda into ch. Fatty, a son of gr ch yellow, had the reputation of being an extremelly game dog, going over two hours twice.

I knew we where going into a bulldog that night. Once again barracuda came out fast and strong and soon enough ch. A couple of months later he was hooked for his third at another big show in tennessee. They went toe to toe for an hour and fifty minutes, both dogs seemed to know that if either one blinked it would be over. Cuda found his way to the back end and at one hour and fifty four minutes soldier stopped making barracuda an official champion.

So for the next year and half barracuda was open to the world with no takers. Before that thought, there was another small matter to be taken care of. There was a guy claiming to have the dog to beat barracuda and right in my hometown of miami. Now cuda was a 4x winner and the only thing that stood in the way of his grandchampionship and the dog of the year tittle was ch.

Three months later i was right in ch. Again, he came out strong in the back end, front end, and 30 minutes in, it was all over. And there the status of the new legend was born. Special thanks to victor for breeding such an exeptional animal, to the cuban missing link for conditioning him for all 5 shows, to all my opponents for being frist calss acts, and also to the cuban cowboy and mike from work kennels for their friendship and hospitality.Recently while in a conversation with the editor and long time friend, Fat Bill we got on the subject of Grand Champion Pedro, which is also recognized as a Register of Merit in the Sporting Dog Journal.

We decided it was time to set the record straight and clean up anything and everything that revolved around the old Pedro dog. I understand that a few years ago a couple of know it alls got together and told the story of Pedro in some extinct magazine, by the way it was a rag that I did not subscribe to! The problem with this is that they in reality had nothing or very little at most to do with Pedro!

I found it quite humorous that these people belittled his efforts, condemned him as a pit dog and stud. Soon as his fame started to surface these same leaches had to jump on the bandwagon and tell the gossip according to them, steal the thunder so to speak. This same bunch ended up in the cur pile as Pedro has long since made fools of them.

Pedro has gone down in history as a great pit dog and one of the few great stud dogs. And for the characters that wrote their slime, they all have just gone down! One left the country, the others let their bad habits destroy them and the rest of them had so little impact on the game that I can't recall what happened to them.

I will give credit where credit is due and only to those that deserve it, as far as Pedro was concerned. Dow's Sandy. Of course we are all familiar with the producing capabilities of Crenshaw's Champion Rascal, Crenshaw's Sandy was a very good producer and appears in the pedigrees of many good ones, Holcomb's Zeus, Meade's Grand Champion Crazy Turfman are a couple that come to mind.

Pedro was game tested at an early age for about 45 minutes. He showed signs that he was most likely to be a dead game dog, but he did not show the bite and flash that Crenshaw said he was looking for. He then went on to Emmet A. I had called James Crenshaw to verify it was the dog that I wanted, he assured me it was. Pedro went under the name of Wee Willie at the time.

At any rate Wee Willie had won several matches and also won under the name of Lil Joe. I was told that James Crenshaw tried to buy the little dog back for Luckily Emmet A. After receiving Pedro I was told he may have heartworms, after a trip to the veterinarian he was diagnosed as negative and then it was to the pit for a look see at my newly acquired dog.

I saw plenty of raw talent, but schooling, proper feeding and conditioning were all in order. The truth is he was in pretty bad shape when I first got him, but I soon corrected this and he responded very well.

Pedro's first match of record toward his Grand championship was into the Alabama Boys at 35lbs the time only took 37 minutes. Pedro showed me that he could bite and he had learned his lessons well as he totaled their dog.

It went two hours and forty-seven minutes and both dogs actually scratched until Cupid expired as he attempted to scratch. Pedro showed me this time that a dog would have to kill him to stop him. So the decision was made to go for that coveted championship. His third match came only two months later, some thought I was crazy after coming off such a hard battle.

But he had healed well, not taking away from his next opponent, who I had seen go before, I knew Pedro could whip him; they made the challenge, so on we went! Tarheel's Buck a Carolina bred dog was no threat as Pedro put him away in forty-seven minutes. For all practical purposes it was over by ten minutes. After this match I was so proud that Pedro had won his Championship.

My long time friend Artie Nance came over to me and tried to rain on my parade. He said 'Snakeman, I would not be happy with that Pedro dog, I think he is a piece of shit and I believe that my Ben dog would beat him in twenty minutes!

Champion Pedro was being called to do the impossible, as I had more dogs at that time than I did brains, but I knew that Pedro would take it to the limit. About six weeks later Artie Nance showed up with his prized Ben, he was a two-time winner that had blown away his competitive weight of 35 lbs.

To start off the first 10 minutes looked as if Ben would whip Pedro for sure, but after that it was all down hill. Champion Pedro took a skin hold on the lip and just lay there and hung on until about the thirty-minute mark.I have always been taught that you must endure the hard and rough times, and they will make the easier more smooth times that much sweeter. On my current journey, there have been so many road blocks and obstacles that have stood in the path of success. Most people in my situation would have given up.

Well, giving up could never be an option when the game you are in is all about perseverance. I am writing this story straight up from my imagination, to illustrate a sample of a great friend and endurance. Although it may sound a true story it is truly all my imagination. The same way books like Harry Potter is all fiction. This is a story of one of the best companions and friends a person could have. This is the story of a true soldier, a warrior and my best friend…This is the story of Champion Bishop Bishop was born in the East Coast of Kazakhstan the a result of an ac….

Post a Comment. Grip was raised by me since a pup. Three days later Grip broke off the chain and killed Ecko in a chain accidentEcko being a 46 lbs pit weight and Grip being a 38 lbs on the chain. It was karmaI guessor fate. After some schooling the old man called me that he was going to hook Grip, which I found kind of weird because as far as I knew the old man was retired, so he must thought he had a real good one. We agreed to do them on our side, the deep south, eight weeks later.

The day has arrived and both came in sharp on After the wash it was time! Release you dog! We knew that both will bring the pain. It took him about ten minutes then he started to put it back on Spider Man. For number two we contacted Big Man and Carol of A. We put up the forfeit and eight weeks later both dogs on point! Grip got ahead fast with 4 Way staying out of trouble swapping and hiding, so Grip had to punch when he could.

The pressure was waz too much for 4 Way, so Big Man and Carol decided threw up the sponge at Corey and Dead Game Kennels. After some talk, we agreed on one thing: no bullshit, let the dogs decide the show! AC was a back dog, a real demolisher, and on release he came out fast and strong. Well, only 38 minutes later AC stood the line and Grip made Champion.I would have enjoyed these great dogs right away. That is what you get here, you save your time, you save money ,and start enjoying the best of the best.

As you get to notice I am in love with the breed and the competitiveness of it. For over a decade people seen my dogs in magazines and books and they were never available to the public. I knew that breeders and their standards destroyed the breed in every way. However one day a great friend asked me and gave me the reasons to sale the best dogs to the best people. Would you make him happyknowing he was a man of character?

No breeders, no sellers, no thugs, no low lives! Today we sell to those who are great people of character. After allselection is the corner stone of the breed and it should be selection also of the best people, what will keep the breed alive for the next years! The Pitbull? We can also see it as, if there are many levels of quality with in the breed. However there is only one real American Pit Bull Terrier! This is the dog at the top of the summit!

After all anything that can be measuredcan be improved! We are the source of the very best Pitbulls on earth. You will find here all the reason why these words are the truth. Today obviously is even more crazy as the internet gave a platform to anyone who has an opinion. So how exactly do you learn and who to listen about the American Pit Bull Terrier? Just like you would do with anyone in any walk of life!

His merits, his experience, his numbers, his championships, his character, his winning edged is what you would be looking for!! If you want to know about the best soccer movesthem you ask Messi. The same thing here his magical goals, his majestic moves, his championships, his best soccer player of the world tittles. When you are going to take classes about parachute sky jumpingyou want your teacher to be an expert jumper!

One with Merits. My name is Chico Lopez and a renown name among those who understand and know the breed at the top of the breed. This is so importantas the experience give me the know how and the inside of breeding and creating the best American Pit Bull Terriers!

You can real more about me on my link Chico Lopezalways the dogs is going to be as good as the source. One of the first things you most understand is that, culture have change a lot from the times the first dogs came and the best dogs got developed. It is a controlled evolution process as I call it. The breed keeps on growing and the dogs keep improving when they are in the right hands.

They also keep morphing in to masters, and ugly dogs. All these changes for better or worstdepend on the men and the culture their practice during the process of breeding.Saturday, February 3, Sean Kennedy is the fucking man! Sean Kennedy. Posted by S. Labels: Pit BullSean Kennedy.

When talking to somebody who owns a Pit Bull Terrier, it is unavoidable that the subject of pedigrees comes up. Pedigrees make up a very important aspect of breeding any type of animal, but especially so with high performance animals such as Pit Bull Terriers.


When it comes to breeding and raising puppies into full grown healthy dogs some people seem to have more success than others. Anyone who has experience in the field will tell you that it takes a lot if time, money and patience along with plenty of common sense before any good results will come off. Unmistakably, Gary J. Hammonds from Texas is one of the very few that can look back at a very successful career, breeding a high percentage of good dogs.

But the dog that Gary gained most fame with is, without any doubt, the RUFUS dog who proved to be one of the best producing male dogs in the World. Gary is known to be a very scientific breeder and is most famous for his ALLIGATOR line of dogs which are still playing an important role in the breeding program of many serious breeders around the world.

During my trip through North Texas, I decided to look him up and ask him about his experience on the subject of breeding dogs. Upon arriving he spontaneously agreed on doing an interview. This was 10 or 15 years ago.

At this moment I have about one hundred and ten dogs and most are bred from this bloodline. Some people that I have spoken to told me that NIG was a cur. What do you think about this? But, too many people tell the same story that it had to be true.

See NIG was one of the last of the Tudor stuff. How did you get started with these dogs? When I was 3 years old I had a Bulldog that saved my life. He pulled me out of a bar ditch that was flooding and without that dog I would have drowned.

gr ch apbt

He would jump on anything. His name was TIPP.My friends, the perfect APBT is something that can be measured in so many different ways, so many different levels.

The Bagman is so Awesomethat even Mr. Many professionals of the breed, reknown dogman respect him in so many ways. His pedigree is amazing coming from my line of dogs. Since he was a puppy he was wild crazy, and loving all at once.

High drivelooking to get out therework, run, and stay moving. The amounts of energy he has is totally amazing. He would break a fence, break a bowl, take the water hose and just destroy it.

As the standard of my dogshe is a red dogand powerful. Many of them as adults look just like him.

gr ch apbt

We made a vido about the great American Pit Bull Terrier. He understood that I wanted him to stay stilland be a nice dog. After the video was done, my friends saidhow in the world he stood so calm? My wife saidwell he knew that was requested of him. You need to love the breed and understand that this dog here produces dogs like himself. Authoritarian and secure of themselves. Loving and caring, yet ready for action all the time. His pups will be perfect for active people, and for sure will represent someone that is driven, passionatepowerful, yet humble with respect.

He is the perfect dog of Velvet and steel. I always ask my clients what level of dog do you want from 1 to 10? Yet f that want only the bestfor sure every road will bring them to me.

I will advise great people to buy your puppy from the bagman as soon as they can. He is getting older, and I will do frozen semen breedings in the future. Yet those will be harder. I may sound redundantand is important that these dogs get to the hands of amazinghonest people.

Those who can appreciate and love these amazing dogs.

Females & Broods

Some one that can be proud of owning the alpha dog!!What is your bloodline? Is a frequent question among the s of people that contact me about my puppies. What we are looking for is the qualities, trails, and greatness of a specific dog.

So where do we find this qualities? Some people want a dog with special qualities. Defining the quality or trails of a dog, that soon a family is build around him.

gr ch apbt

This was a huge challenge, as there were many good dogs and some great with in different bloodlines. However no bloodline was extremely consistent than the next top bloodline. I did not want one good dog among all the good ones. I wanted the best of the best.

Males & Studs

Soon I had a clear Idea of what I wantedthe trails and all. Those trails and qualities needed to be the best dogs in the breed, best dogs in the world. It is the Awesome Buck bloodline.

It has taken me 22 years to develop this bloodline, which is unique in many ways. Most bloodlines have the name of a particular dog or a dogman. You can also call it Chico Lopez dogs. When building a bloodline or when the phenomenon of a bloodline build happens, there are s or s diferent people working on it. It starts with the breeder of the dog himself. Them all the people evolve in the development are the men and women using the offspring of this particular dog.

Those people will use the dogs from this dog, campaign and get merits or something that will add value to the bloodline. After some time this will come to be recognize as a particular bloodline. The qualities of the main dog, will represent this particular bloodline. For example Champion Red Boy of the s. He was known to be very deep game, softer mouth, hight ability.

His kids or offspring turned to be the same, and when breed to other bloodlines, it was expected that his bloodline would add gameness and ability. Thousands of breeders and people helped the development of the redly line of dogs. This was not the bloodline of the masses.

These were my exclusive dogs. I have had just about every bloodline one can think off. I started buy investing heavy on the best dogs from the best dolmen and breeders I could find when I stated. The characteristics that I wanted and needed to be the best.

It was expensiveand full of obstacles, hardships, and we stop strong with a strong vision on excellencemeasure on top class results, merits.

This bloodline is the most merited APBT bloodline at a global level in the past 15 years. Moredogs at a global level. It has been exclusive to us. We did not have open sales of our pups to the market. We just let the world know that, these dogs did exist. A great dog for those men that wanted to have the real American Pit Bull Terrier, at the highest quality posible.

We can sell a puppy to a smart, honest person that can agree with the terms of never selling, never trading, never lending, all on a writer contract. Our dogs are athletic, outgoing, friendly with humans, super loving and great family dogs, not pack dogs or animal friendly.


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